How to compress jpeg image programmatically in ColdFusion

CFImage - compress jpeg image programmatically


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<title>cfimage action write: how to compress jpeg image programmatically in coldfusion</title>

<h2 style="color:Crimson; font-style:italic">cfimage tag example: how to compress jpeg image</h2>
<hr width="575" align="left" color="OrangeRed" />
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<cfimage source="Images/Orchid1.jpg" action="write" destination="Images/Orchid1New.jpg" quality=".4" overwrite="yes" />

<table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" bordercolor="PapayaWhip">
    <tr bgcolor="Orange" style="color:Snow; font-size:large" align="center">
            Image Preview
            after compress: quality .4
    <tr height="100" valign="top">
        <td style="color:RosyBrown; font-weight:bold">
   <img src="Images/Orchid1.jpg" height="296" width="334"/>
   <img src="Images/Orchid1New.jpg"/>


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