How to insert an element at array specific position in ColdFusion

ArrayInsertAt() - insert array element at specific position


<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns="">
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<title>ArrayInsertAt function example: how to insert array element at specific position</title>

<h2 style="color:hotpink">ArrayInsertAt Function Example</h2>

<cfset ColorArray = ArrayNew(1)>
<cfset Temp = ArrayAppend(ColorArray,"BurlyWood")>
<cfset Temp = ArrayAppend(ColorArray,"Chartreuse")>
<cfset Temp = ArrayAppend(ColorArray,"Chocolate")>
<cfdump var="#ColorArray#" label="Color Array">

<br />
<cfset Temp = ArrayInsertAt(ColorArray,2,"CadetBlue")>
<cfdump var="#ColorArray#" label="Color Array[After insert CadetBlue in position 2]">

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